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Vintage Fiesta Ashtrays

Vintage Fiesta Ashtrays (all mint!)

Cobalt - $43.00
Yellow - $36.50
Turquoise - $37.00
Ivory - $44.00
Forest - $59.00
Grey - $58.00

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vintage Fiesta ashtrays front vintage Fiesta ashtrays back

For a brief discussions of ashtray markings, please see below.

Ashtray Bases

A little history
The cobalt ashtray in the photo above is different from the others, with more concentric rings on the base, & is unmarked. The rose ashtray in the upper left part of the photo bears a faint Fiesta ink-stamp. The "Fiesta Bible" tells us that two different molds have been used during the manufacturing process for this piece. The change was made in 1940, so only items in the six original colors, in this photo cobalt or turquoise, could have been produced from the early mold, and all of the ashtrays produced then are unmarked. The other three have only 2 rings and are ink-stamped. Although turquoise is counted as one of the original six, this turquoise ashtray was produced after 1940. Of course, we know by the colors that the chartreuse and rose ones were made in the '50's.

Archive Photos for reference only

Vintage Amberstone Ash Tray


Vintage Amberstone Ash Tray base

Amberstone Base


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