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I love to GeoCache and use my Visor (Palm Device) as well, So I made this handy little data base to serve as a Log Book while out hunting those Caches.

Redesigned Now in COLOR!
Upgrade If you are upgrading from V1 see known issues for important information.
Palm Icon

Trial screen
not in registered version

Opening Screen

About Screen

Cache List
Alternating colors
on color devices only

If there are no records, Hit the (Record) button to create the first one.

There are five screens to list the caches.
When you select from any page you are sent to that record.
Cache Record
Sort Button

Setup Type & State

Cache Alarm
You can enter data about the cache,
Duplicate the record as a new record,
Printing to a IR Printer is supported.
Beam a cache record to a friend. You can make custom drop down items
(State & Cache Type) for use on the record screen.
A alarm can be set for each Cache record.
A alarm will sound and the record will be
called up (even if the palm is turned off)
Cache Information

Cache Notes

Taken & Left Notes
Cache information can be cut and pasted
from other app.s or entered directly here.
Notes you make about the cache can be cut
and pasted from other app.s or entered directly here.
I found this very useful when hunting several caches a day.

  • Quick Log, for tap & go logging
    • Tn/Ln - Took nothing/Left nothing
    • Tn/Ln/SL - Took nothing/Left nothing/Signed Log
    • Tn/LSI - Took nothing/Left Signature Item
Doodle Pad

Change Color

Erase Mode

Doodle anything you wish, maps, symbols,
what ever you want for each cache record.
To make a thick brush stroke,
Do the upper case stroke
(touch the alpha area and drag straight up).
you will be in thick brush mode (indicated by the up arrow icon).
(tap tap) will return you to thin brush mode (arrow disappears).
To change pen color
press the (col) button,
select a color then (ok) button
To erase a mistake on the doodle pad.
Do the (tap) command (touch the alpha or text area).
you will be in erase mode (indicated by the dot icon in upper right).
erase the mistake away,
(tap) will return you to draw mode (dot disappears).

if you wish to erase the whole drawing and start over hit the (erase) button.

Send screen is used to flag records for use in
other app.s like GeocachingDB-PC, So you can let it know how to handle records.
Send from PC app flags the record that it needs to be sent to a Cache Website.

Newly placed cache flags the record to be a new cache that you have set out, and needs the information sent.

The rest of the icons
Show how the cache should be referenced on a
Cache Website (found, not found, cache note, needs to be archived), and that the notes need to be sent too.
Special instructions:
When entering new data on the GeoCacheDB, enter the Cache ID # first or it will not sort properly.
Known Issues
Problem Solution
Palm Pro - Palm OS v2.5

One user reported GeocachingDB crashed when started, with this error message:
Font.c, Line: 120, Invalid font
Upgrade to a newer OS should fix the error.

The oldest version I have tested GeocachingDB on is:
Palm OS v.3.5.2h1

If you have Geocaching running successfully on an older Palm OS than 3.52h1 Let me know
Other Problems? Report any problems or bugs to Bug Report.
Version History If you registered GeocachingDB v2 or v3 and wish to upgrade Contact me with your original user details.

4.0.1 Added a Sort button on the Cache page:
This will resort all the caches by "cache name" order.
4.0.0 Many new features with my updated compiler, so it's time for a new version of GeocachingDB.
  • Pocket PC support has been completely removed, So there will be no PPC version unless this changes.
  • Listing records have alternated (green/white) backgrounds in Color PDA's.
3.0.5 Added Quick Log on Taken & Left Notes page
3.0.4 Fixed the smiley face which looked a mess on color PDA's
3.0.3 Re-added the draw pad feature, I missed it too much to do with out it.
Added a new Send screen for data, useful in GeocachingDB-PC and other apps.
3.0.0 On GeocachingDB v3. and up I have dropped the draw pad to conserve file size.
2.0.6 Added 4 report files to print out your GeocachingDBv2 data.
2.0.6 Recompiled for Pocket PC with new updated compiler
2.0.6 Minor revision to file structure, no noticeable differences.
Compiled GeocachingDB to work on Pocket PC's.
2.0.5 replaced the smile icon with one with less colors to work on a B/W palm device properly
2.0.4 First full release of the program, removed v1 from web site.
Minimum requirements? Palm OS v.3.5.2h1
Where can I get the program? GeoCachingDB (30 day demo)
HERE for Palm's (79k) 01/03/2003 End User License Agreement
How much is it? The latest full registered copy of GeoCachingDB is $15.00 USD (Payment Details)
What do I get for registering? Once payment is made you will receive :
  • GeocachingDB via Email
    • Non expiring program.
    • Contains your Caching name on the spash screen.
  • Upgrades to later releases, if requested.
  • Continued development.
  • Our thanks for your support of GeocachingDB.
Related Stuff
on the PC?
Future versions will include GeocachingDB-PC a PC program to View, Add, Delete, Edit, Resort, Import data.. and what ever to the data base file.
Then the file can be installed back to the Palm device.

I have a rough but working version of GeocachingDB-PC running here

Thanks to Joel Finkle aka Arrowroot for all his hard work and code help.

Please be patient for it's release.
There is a sperate PC app. TBReports that will print reports from the GeocachingDB.pdb file that is sync'ed to the PC.

  1. Download and install TBReports (free if you use my reports)
  2. Download my Reports for GeocachingDB v2 (I have registered and compiled these reports for you)
  3. Open my reports and see your data on screen as it will be printed on the printer, Then hit the printer icon and the reports will print.
TBReports uses the files in the backup area for the current user in the Palm Desktop,
if you have 2 PDA devices on 1 PC this is how you switch to each PDAs data area for printing.
Importing Data?
I have worked with GPSBable, their program is now able to export GeocachingDB.pdb files from other files, such as's GPX file (available to charter members using Pocket query).

GPSBabel Screen Shot

Note: When GeocachingDB.pdb file is installed to the Palm device, It replaces the old data with the data contained from the GPX file only!, All old information in the GeocachingDB is erased.
What do customers say about GeocachingDB?

What you think?
"I use it all the time."
H.P. Garcia
"it's the best program I've found for Geocaching Information keeping. Blows the rest away! "
"Thanks for you help and speedy replies."
"I like the personalized version. Thanks for the quick delivery. Great little program, too"
"I decided I like the database program well enough to keep it so a check for $15 is headed your way. "
"It's really Great!! "
"I downloaded the program today and so far it looks nice. "
"I'm enjoying using the evaluation version and will be downright happy-go-lucky with the full version"
"Well if you can let me know how to make a pmt to use yours I would appreciate it. Your program is awesome vs others on the net."
Can you please send me the latest GeocachingDB. It's a great little program and I wouldn't know what to do without it.

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