My Modifications to the Tape Measure Beam

Round cut the element ends
no tape or plastic dip needed!
There will not be any sharp edges.
Use Hose clamps on driven element only.

Use 2 PVC pipes 1" in length to lock the reflector & director
inside the "Cross" & "T" fittings.

Extra hose clamps make for a bulky and crude look,
so don't use them where they are not needed!
I drilled a hole so I could center feed the coax thru the handle.

Zip cord the coax to the "T" for strain relief.

This helps control the coax while using the antenna, and prevents moving or disconnecting the driven element connection.
Finshed Antenna
After testing the antenna I found
  • Pro's
  • Excellent gain for 2 Met & 70cm
    • Perfect for satellite work.
    • Good for repeater contacts.
  • Light weight and easy to handle
    • for the 13 minutes of a satellite pass.
    • Longer periods may require a mount.
  • Excellent Recieve and Transmit
    • Even when held, it performs better than my Discone antenna did 20' high.
  • Orientation of elements
    • For Repeaters the elements should be verticle (up and down) as shown.
    • For satellites I found 45 degrees (1/2 way from horizontal to vertiale) and point the boom to the satellite had the best reception.
  • Did I mention satellite?
    • Great Reception
    • Great Transmittion (100% contacts per pass so far)
  • Easy to disasemble, store & reasemble
    • I did not cement any of the PVC fittings so all the pipe sections can be removed.
    • NOTE: Mark all sections for reassembly.

  • Drawbacks
  • Elements futter in light breeze
    • This does not seam to hurt the performance, but is un-nerving.
  • Since the antenna performs so well...
    • I will reinforce the elements by securing them to lengths of pipe on the next one I make for a more permanate high wind antenna.
    • Place it on my tower to see how it performs there.