Sending custom maps to a Garmin GPS?

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There are 4 ways to send custom maps to a Garmin GPS

Sendmap - Requires IMG map files
1. Sendmap DOS version

Download here

Extra help on UMP setup

This program works well when setup properly, which is difficult in windows environment.
Sendmap DOS- is a program which loads the IMG maps to the GPS directly
2. GPS Send Map
Sendmap Windows GUI
Requires sendmap.exe for DOS above

Download v.0.1.2 Here
Download Here

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Thanks to Carl Bartlett
and any others who made this possible.

This program works well and setup is easy, although there seams to be minor issues in some windows OS {see note}.

Easy as 1,2,3
  1. Choose map files
  2. Select Com port GPS is connected to
  3. Hit upload

GPS Send Map- is a Windows interface program which uses (sendmap.exe) to load the IMG maps to the GPS.


If you get a "No GPS Unit Found" error:
  • This is caused by the way some OS's handle spaces in the name of file areas.
    • Look at the path to sendmap.exe (defined in "File Properties")
      • For example
        • C:\GPSMapper\sendmap.exe
          works fine.
        • C:\Program Files\GPSMapper\sendmap.exe
          due to the space in the directory name, this can cause some OS to report that "No GPS Unit Found".
    • Make sure there are NO spaces in the directory where (sendmap.exe) or (GPS SendMap GUI) are installed.

On Win XP

This is what I did:
  1. Created a directory specifically for map uploading "C:\sendmap"
    1. I extracted Sendmap .013 to that directory.
    2. Removed GPSSM from my computer and reinstalled it again to "C:\sendmap"
  2. Created a new folder "C:\sendmap\images" where all the IMG files will be stored.
    1. Copied a couple of IMG files to the folder for testing.
  3. Started GPSSM
    1. configured it to find sendmap in the "C:\sendmap" directory .
    2. setup the communication parameters in COM4 (which is the one my USB/serial converter emulates) set the speed to 9600 baud and go
Voilá, nice maps transfer.
No problems, error messages nor strange happenings.
The GPS acted as usual and my maps appeared on the screen as usual. NICE.

I conclude that the spaces within directory and folder names situation affects more than was initially thought off.

I have not yet been able to do this in my work computer as the emulation port is COM5 which GPSSM does not have option for.

Thanks to Alberto Nájera ,
for sharing his GPSSM setup for Windows XP.

 On Win98se

I could not get the SendMap (DOS) to work but, SendMap (Windows GUI) did work with these quirks.
  • The program looks like it is hung up (waiting to send)
    • If you watch the GPS you can see
      • That it is sending
      • When it finishes sending
    • The program does not know when map sending is complete.
      • End the program normally
      • Terminate the "winoldap" application (or sending again will not work)
        • Hit (ctl) (alt)(del) one time
        • Choose "winoldap"
        • Click "end task"
Failed to load control "CommonDialog" from comdlg32.ocx.

People that have visual studio (VB 5 or 6) installed may not have this problem.

  • You must register the ocx.
    • Downloaded the necessary ocx file(s) that gave me errors.
      • Save the ocx into /system32/
    • Then open a command prompt
      • Type : REGSVR32 *.OCX * (comdlg32 and mscomctl for my system.)

Thanks to Warren White ,
for sharing his GPSSM setup solution.

If the above does not help:
  • GPSSM seams to have problems with the new version of Sendmap (DOS)
    • Try a older version of Sendmap
  • Due to other commitments, GPSSM will not be working on any updates to fix new issues.
Sendmap Windows GUI

Requires sendmap.exe for DOS above

Version 1.2 and above now supports SendMap 2.0

Download Here

Thanks to Marco Dipol
and any others who made this possible.

This program works well and setup is easy.
Click for full size image

How to use:

  • Run this program by double-clicking file img2gps.exe in Windows Explorer (or desktop).
  • Click the button to 'Load Folder'. Navigate to a folder which contains the Garmin .img files and click OK (or just double-click one of the files in that folder).
  • A list of all the .img files will appear.
  • Select the ones you wish to upload.
  • Select the COM port to which your GPS is attached.
    • (Sendmap v2.0 auto-selects the COM port)
  • Click 'Upload to GPS'.


4. GPS Map Manager - Requires IMG and TDB map files

Download v.0.0.1 Here
Download Here

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Thanks to Carl Bartlett
and any others who made this possible.
GPS Map Manager will add custom maps (IMG & TDB) to
your Mapsource Program (not included) as a new Mapsource title.

This screen shows the Mapsource titles you have installed already
(UGPID 7= US West Topo)
(UGPID 5= World Map)

NOTE: Metro Guide titles do not show up on this list when installed.
Adding custom maps to the above list are done with Create button or Install

Create button opens this screen

Install appears to add maps using a pre-defined install file

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